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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 15, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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station. and again as a precaution here bart just shut down the powell street station as well. no one allowed inside the powell street station. where we are right now, two bart stations shut down, protesters marching down market. >> this comes at the evening commute. we have reporters stationed outside the bart stations. we want to go to ktvu's david stevenson who is live where the protests began. >> reporter: i am outside the civic center bart station. you can see the protesters who remain on the scene after marching from union plaza to the civic center bart station, discovering they could not go down because it was shut down. some crossed the street, some marched down market street. a lot have been standing by the civic center bart station, long with a lot of police officers in riot gear. they are guarding the entrance and exit to the station. they are making sure people can
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exit and come out above while others can't enter the station. this began an hour ago. protest centered around several shootings that have taken place over the last couple years, including one in july. this was sparked by an incident in which bart officials shut down cell phone service at civic center bart station to stop a protest on that platform. that outraged a group called anonymous, they set up the protest for today using twitter and facebook. we spoke to one of the plotesters, he -- one of the protesters. >> how many people does it take to be shot people people say that's not good to be -- taking the bart and end up with a bullet in your head. >> reporter: again, another live picture of the protesters wearing masks. you can see some of them
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standing outside, watching the people come out of the civic center bart station. there has been confusion around the protest. some of the folk whose gathered were upset because there was no amplifier. there was confusion about what would be coming next. right now we can see a number of protesters on market street, behind me. we will turnover that way so you can see them. some of them are marching beyond this bus. they are making their way to the civic center bart station. we will monitor the situation to see what is next. for now things are calm. we haven't heard much about arrests made by police and this situation is still fluid. back to you. >> thank you. i believe we have more live pictures here. we are getting information the
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montgomery station has closed. these are live pictures walking down market street. you can see how crowded market street is because of the protesters and the police there in riot gear. what they have done is shut down a third of -- a 3rd bart station, the montgomery station. they will continue walking down market street. keep in mind so far civic center, powell, montgomery all shut down. embarcadero could be next. >> looks like they will keep going. this started at 5:00 that civic center bart station in response to a protest last week in which bart officials shut off cell phone service to minimize the protest. that angered people, bart said
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it was a matter of public service to prevent the protest growing more. they shut off cell phone service. people say it's a matter of free speech. they were anger, saying they meant an inquiry into bart's action. so they are carrying signs saying free speech. they are on the move and we will continue to watch them. we have reporters all over and we have been bringing you live pictures showing you what is happening on ktvu channel 2 news and we will bring you updated information. >> civic center bart station, powell street station and montgomery all closed down. this is going down on market street. it's the middle of rush hour now and this may be delaying traffic. folks are holding up cars. some of the protesters holding up cars and that is disrupting
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traffic. they have evacuated the civic center bart station but they are letting people off. >> they are letting the trains stop but they closed it so people can't go down. >> three stations closed. we will see how muni is being effected but again, three stations closed. powell street station, montgomery and civic center bart station. >> this protest was organized by a group called anonymous. who is anonymous? using the internet to get involved in political issues. the videos on youtube use this character and a digitized voice. but who they are is a mystery. last month law enforcement arrested some members but
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anonymous lives on. >> they are doing things so fast and moving to so many different servers and routes that it's almost impossible for the federal agencies and the police to actually keep up with them. >> one expert says the advantage anonymous has is that it doesn't have a headquarters and anyone can take part in it. the mask turned up on the protesters today at the bart station. we showed you the scene from inside the civic center bart station which has been shut down. one woman could be seen wearing the mask and above ground more protesters wore the mask. anonymous has chosen november 5 to carry out its threatened sabotage of facebook. more details on the security breach, exposed the
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information of 2400 users. the information published by anonymous includes names, telephone numbers, residents and e-mail addresses. no sensitive personal information was posted. bart took down the website to secure it. it recommends users change passwords. officialsies don't open unsolicited e-mails. our coverage continues on you can look under the bay area news tab for more information. 50 people were evacuated after a crew hit a gas line. the break was so powerful you could see it at 32 and linden streets. ktvu's paul chambers is live with where the repains stand. >> reporter: people were allowed to return back into their homes. pg&e has the streets closed off
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to through traffic. you could see and hear the gas coming from the actual pipe. around 2:15 this afternoon they were working near 32 and linden, while working the contractor struck and cut a gas line. that gas leak caused 50 people to be displaced while cures were -- crews were working to repair the leak. pg&e is working to restore power to 14 customers. half hour ago people were allowed to go back to their homes. crews are still working to make sure nothing else happens. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. a federal grand jury indicted two men that worked in law enforcement. they appeared in court today in san francisco where they were
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indicted. >> this is footage of them in court in june. according to the indictment they stole drugs from police evidence and sold the drugs. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera is slamming ed lee over his appointment to head the department of public works. a 2004 investigation conducted by his office imlicated him in a series of scandals. the naacp says he is putting his political agenda ahead of the city's interest. they said he should apologize and resign and says he can't be a candidate for mayor.
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autism has a deeper link than previously thought. ktvu's john fowler is live in oakland with the new research. >> reporter: about 1-100 children will get that diagnosis but if a brother or sister has autism that risk jumps 20 times. >> reporter: dyingedinoseed -- diagnosed at three. when his brother didn't talk their mother hesitated. >> i think i was afraid to face the diagnosis again. i didn't pursue it early enough maybe. >> reporter: researchers discovered the risk of autism for a child whose sibling as autism is greater than previously thought. 1-5. >> i think what it tells us is they should be watching that
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child closely. there is early intervention and treatment programs that can be very effective. >> 80% of autistic children are boys and two triggers in common. >> now that we are faced with two kids in the family with autism i am afraid for my other kids. and their children. a 20% second child risk could be good news. >> 80% of families will not have another child who is autistic. the study found if a child has two autistic sibling the odds for autism increase to 1- 3. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. california's elementary and high school students are doing better in school. the department released a standardize testing and reporting or star and they are up for the 9th year in a row.
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the rate of proficiency in english and math were 54 and 54%. the highest since 2003. here are the rates for english and math in san francisco, alameda. the english rates were up from last year in all three counties but math were down compared to last year. nonprofit groups are calling for a boycott of amazon if it doesn't stop resisting the tax law. they announced a new website, explaining how customers can close their amazon account. it says they are cheating the state by trying to repeal a new law. they did not immediately respond to an e-mail and call for comment. city of san jose is asking the public to think about how
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much time, money and trees could be saved if junk mail could be eliminated before it becomes mail. i will tell you about the warming trend this week and we will look at specific cities to see how warm they will get on tuesday.
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more on the developing news in san francisco where protesters are on the move. we have been showing you live pictures. here from news copper 2 you can see the embarcadero and the ferry building. the protesters were marching down towards the ferry building and they have entered the ferry
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building. they are in the area of the ferry building. starting at the civic center bart station at 5:00 tonight. a protest developing there in response to free speech. quart was trying to prevent protesters from growing which culminated in today's protest. we have had reporters following this. we want to go to ktvu's ken wayne is at the civic center bart station and saw what happened this evening. ken? >> reporter: we are at the civic center bart station. they have been letting passengers get off at civic center bart station but for the past 45 minutes or so they have not allowed passengers to get on at civic center and that's the same story at the powell street station where passengers can get off but not on. i have been told by a bart
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official they plan to reopen the civic center bart station in 2 minutes. that means passengers will be able to get on bart trains at the civic center bart station. the montgomery station is still closed for passengers to get on or off. trains are not stopping that montgomery station right now and we don't know when that will change. there was a small group of protesters that was on the platform that civic center bart station earlier today, they were ordered to disperse and after a period of time they did. they were escorted out by bart police. they milled about on market street and 7th for maybe 20 minutes, half hour and then a group of them started marching towards powell street. maybe a dozen or two dozen protesters did that and they are going down there to meet up with the other protesters closer to the ferry building.
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right now we have about a dozen police officers in their riot gear who are still at the entrance to the civic center bart station. not allowing passengers on but they could change at any minute. >> thank you. we will continue to follow these protesters with our live camera and watch the situation. right now looks like they are peaceful and we will bring you new developments as we get them. junk mail arrived every day, letters, brochures, cat logs. now a woman from san jose convinced city hall to help resident opt out. new at 6:00, ktvu's robert handa is live to tell us how folkdize junk all that junk mail. >> reporter: junk fail is a problem, even if you recycle it. today san jose started a program to see if it can stop junk mail from becoming mail.
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>> everybody gets junk mail. junk mail is any mail you didn't ask for. she used to get 10 pieces of junk mail a day. she asked san jose for help because she had trouble getting off mailing lists. >> they don't make it easy for you. >> reporter: san jose was aware of the problem, helping to recycle 74,000-tons of paper every year. today he announced a city partnership with catalog choice a website that gets people off of company mailing list. >> catalog choice gives residents the choice every day between degrees trash. -- between trees and trash. >> reporter: 17 trees are saved for every ton of paper not
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produced. it may not save jobs or services but emphasize every dollar saved helps. >> fewer transportation costs, fewer production costs. >> in the long run, if we don't do something in our own homes about helping to reduce waste, then really bad things will happen. >> reporter: the catalog choice service will be free for all residents. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. welcome back. we had a nice warm day today. check out the day time highs we achieved. low 90s towards antioch and concord. fog not that coast yet. a little bit of patchy fog but it will be back tonight and tomorrow morning. fog burns back early tomorrow
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and temperatures, a few degrees warmer than today. slight warming trend for the long range forecast. thursday could be one of the warmer days of the week. not a heat wave. just warmer. low pressure up here. far enough north temperatures will warm. that's been our summer. north right now, it will drop down on friday and cools us off. in the mean time we are warming. tomorrow, 90 fairfield. 80 vallejo. forecast highes, i know there are more cities out here, we can't get them all on our map. you get the big ones and the big ones are going to be in the 9s tomorrow. beautiful day. five-day forecast has your weekend in view. the thing to note is warmer day time highs and as we go into
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the weekend it starts to cool down again. nice forecast. fire danger comes up wednesday, thursday. >> thank you. and we will be back with more right after this.
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mark is here with sports now. looking good for the giants. >> well, maybe they will heat up. atlanta, they have had problems throughout the years as you giants fans know. eighth inning right now. brin mccann, a day ago, a home run, 1-0. giants tied it 2-2 with nate schierholtz. second day in a row. giants leading 4-2 in the 8th inning in atlanta. that score was just updated as the giants homered again. the 49ers, you know they are in need of a back up quarterback, a veteran is what they are looking for. they may have one in culpeper. he had a work out with the team today. it was described as impressive
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and we should know soon if they sign him. he hasn't played since 2009. tedded played with -- ted played with him and here are his thoughts. >> knowing the game and being in the game and playing in tough situations, knowing what is going on. not up to monday to pick who should be wear. up to the coaching staff and that's all you can do is prepare. >> reporter: all right. the 49ers should know by today as to whether they will sign culpeper as a potential backup. that's the sporting life, full highlights at 10:00. >> thank you. another look at downtown san francisco. this is outside the ferry building. this is in response to that bart station protest that started at the civic center bart station. powell street station people can exit, but can't go in.
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